JPRC (Justice, Peace & Reconciliation Commission)

The JPRC Coordinator is Rev. Stephen Mayuen Mou, +211 (0) 915782464 / +211 (0) 923091125

The Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Commission (JPRC), is a department within the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. It was established in 2000 to champion the cause of justice, peace, reconciliation and healing among various communities affected by the long civil conflicts in South Sudan.  It is currently chaired by Bishop Samuel Peni (Diocesan Bishop of Nzara).

Since 2000, JPRC has been directly involved in peace building in the country conducting numerous peace and reconciliation workshops, conferences and advocacy.  It’s envisioned a peaceful society, free from violent and hatred. The main aim is to seek and end to wars and conflicts in South Sudan. The long-term goal is to build sustainable peace and harmony through reconciliation and healing in the nation.

Three years Activity Plan includes:
1.    Military Chaplains Training: to directly support this institution with professional training and personnel capacity building to bring reforms and transformation. The army needs moral disciplines and army work ethics in regard to behaviors; respect of human rights and gender based violent including the issue of child soldiers.
2.    Grassroots Consultation: These are Community Meetings to Outline Action Agenda in the following locations